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Property Management Service


As part of our comprehensive service: 

  • We organise rent collection, taking all the stress out of it for our clients.

  • We deal with all queries and issues from tenants and landlords.

  • We carry out regular property inspections.

  • We arrange any maintenance work to be carried out, if required. 

  • We have discounted rates with our crack team of experienced, reliable trades-people

  • We make all the arrangements for moving out tenants at the end of the Lease Agreement. 

Our Property Management Fees are extremely competitive - please contact us for a quote.


 “Since Robert Lowry stepped in and took over the management of my property, my occupation rate has been practically 100%, a real achievement in these difficult times for landlords.” - Anji Wheeler, Landlord

“I have used other property management companies in the past and they always let me down so using Robert Lowry Properties was like a breath of fresh air. The peace of mind from knowing your property is in safe hands is invaluable.” - Patrick McCabe, Landlord 
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